Academic Activities

School of Management studies focus on 

Blended learning through class room and online classes. The students are mentored by the faculty members for continuous learning, collaborative and team based assignments, also networking with industry for internships and project works.

Seminars / workshops/ conferences are organized regularly by the school.

Management fests are organized by the MBA students to horn managerial skills.

Sports, Yoga and cultural activities are also organized by the School for the overall development of the students. 


Innovative and Best Practices

  1. Case Study Methodology
  2. Group Discussion
  3. Role Play
  4. Mock Trading  for Finance Students
  5. Marketing Simulations
  6.  Guest Lectures with Industry Experts.
  7. Statistical Analysis Lab
  8. Article and book review
  9. Presentations – poster and video
  10. Entrepreneurship activities through J-hub
  11. Students Clubs

The students are encouraged to participate in the Management fests, Seminars, Conferences, Business  Quiz competition, Young manager etc. organized by other B-Schools